Should we fear Internet?

I wanted to write a whole paper about this but nobody will read it. So…

The answer is NO. We should not be afraid but a little precaution won’t hurt.

The Internet is made by a lot of men, women and children very cleaver that find in the technology a great tool for making, for being creative.

Tools are created and these tools are used to build things bigger and more beautiful. The languages evolve and this let us explore new horizons.

The Internet should keep that in mind. The business, politics and general media should not forget that the Internet is for sharing and creating. Abusing about information harms the people.

We are building a better environment for making things happened and everybody is welcome. There is room in the NET for everybody.

It is going wrong when we the technology uses us and change our customs so fast. It should be a balance. Human & Technology. Use the technology to pursuit your dreams, live them and share them with the ones you love.